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Vienna • Dooly County • Georgia • Chartered in 1841.

Welcome, to Historic Vienna, Georgia.

175 years ago, Vienna was officially chartered as the capital in Dooly County. Although Dooly County is so smaller today, Vienna remains. As nobody could have a clue how the world looks like 175 years later, we at Historic Vienna try to paste all kind of pieces of Vienna history together.

With the start of this website and in parallel our facebook page Historic Vienna, we ask y'all to share your Vienna History, so our next generations know what Vienna is all about. We prefer to collect your information digital, so if you're able to email it, we would be very happy. In case a visit or else is required, we'll make an appointment with you. Historic Vienna will do their best to make photographs and to record them in a digital archive. A brief selection will be published on this website ( in the map Vienna History.  

Vienna Historical District will be one of our leading contributors, since they have a database with our old houses and buildings. As mentioned before, we're also open to share your history of Vienna Historical District too.

Thank you so much,

On behalf of, Visit Historic Vienna organization